Have Hope

I have not written for sometime, and I have been feeling a need to update my story for those of you who have been finding my pages. I recall only too well, the hours and days after D-day that I constantly, compulsively combed the web looking for others, looking for hope, advice….anything. I have been … More Have Hope

Sustained passion in Marriage -who is responsible and now what?

In therapy we have had to discuss our sex life, hard task. I have always maintained that I am not a prude, always enjoyed sex and have had a wonderful and active past. My H maintains that one of his reasons for cheating is that our sex life had come to a halt. Wait a … More Sustained passion in Marriage -who is responsible and now what?

Rings and Things

It has been a while since I have posted, there have been therapy sessions, and arguments and acts of service, contrition, trying to get normal in this abnormal existence…trying to find love in anger and hurt. There are times when I am sufficiently distracted where I am able to find pure joy, and a good … More Rings and Things